Another Totally Non-Partisan Survey About Toronto Politics

Today, word emerged that a self-described non-partisan Toronto taxpayers group has distributed a survey asking residents about Rob Ford, his conflict of interest case and the state of governance in Canada's largest city.

Terms including "NDP activists", "union bosses" and "tax-and-spend socialism" were sprinkled throughout the survey, ostensibly for the same reason one would use habanero pepper flakes while cooking ─ to spice things up. Because it's a non-partisan thing.

Anyway, in the interest of this new spirit of municipal bridge-building and wound-healing, here is another survey, aimed at getting a non-partisan finger on the non-partisan pulse of this throbbing city.

  • Isn’t Rob Ford, like, the bee’s knees?

  • Like most other normal red-blooded Torontonians, you don’t like taxes, do you?

  • You support Rob Ford, sure. But, how hardcore do you support Rob Ford?

  • Do you like (a) democracy or (b) justice? (Select only one)

  • True or False: Conflict of Interest legislation is similar to laws that say you can’t paint a ladder on Sunday and are used by NDP-backed activists who can’t get over the fact that they lost the election because of the policies of their union buddy David Miller.

  • Flouting provincial legislation is OK when I don’t read it. (a) Agree, (b) Strongly Agree or (c) Super-agree enough that I'm willing to go to court over it.

  • How heavy is your tax burden? (a) Too heavy? (b) Back-breakingly heavy? (c) Dude, I’m like Atlas over here.

  • Which specific councillor or group of councillors come(s) to mind when you hear the phrase: “The Anarcho-Commie-Socialists are coming for your money, your house and plan to give your job to a NDP-backed union activist?

Thanks for your feedback. We look forward to releasing the results of this survey at a later, non-partisan, time. 

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